Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Delhi Day 38:

The girls are almost 1 month old! We got our DNA results today and went straight to the Canadian High Commission to apply for their passports!  Yes......Progress!!!!

Thank God Nona is here helping......we actually had a date night!  We went out for dinner at a new restaurant in the mall "b-bar"......very nice!!  Our plan was to go to the ice bar for a drink after dinner.....we missed the girls too much and were exhausted so we headed home and stopped at the ice bar on a Monday afternoon instead. The ice bar has 30 tonnes of ice that has been imported from Canada to make the carvings......Well, you would think "Canadians" could handle the -10 degree bar temperature........we lasted 15 minutes!!!!

 The girls enjoying an evening by the pool!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Delhi - Day 29:

Makenna & Rylan are 20 days old today!  They are staying more & more awake. We haven't ventured too far with the girls but we did get a few sites in.  We want to get a lot of pictures and memories of where the girls were born.

We are still awaiting the DNA test results to move on to applying for their passports.  So we are enjoying our time together as Sandy will have to fly home to go back to work.

Enjoying some sister time!
 Nona & her grand daughters.
 Rylan watched Daddy have a swim.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Delhi: Day 26

Our girls are 17 days old and doing well!  Sandy is back & my mom is here and the girls are keeping us very busy & very happy!  We had a bit of a scare with the girls not eating well but all is good now and wow are they eating!!!

We did our DNA testing 2 days ago & are now in waiting mode.  Seems the Canadian Governement is changing things a bit and we are the 1st couple caught in the transition but everyone at the Canadian High Commission has been very nice to us but it looks like we will be here a little bit longer than originally thought.

Makenna & Rylan

Will post more often now that we are all here and getting in the swing of things!!