Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BBQ's & Summer fun!

Oh the summer is hot!  We are enjoying the nice weather and venturing out for walks or going grocery shopping - early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  Yesterday we met Daddy near his office for lunch!

The girls are doing great.....they are such morning babies.  When they wake up & feed they are full of, what a fantastic way to start the day!  Nothing makes me happier than talking to my little girls and seeing them respond with the biggest smile :)

Although, our pediatrician in Canada had suggested switching both girls off lactose formula for 3 weeks to try & settle some of the issues they were having.......well, the 3 weeks are up and we have put them back on Nan Pro 1......with not so pretty results.  Poor girls have really sore tummies and horrible poops......I am trying to give them a week to settle on this formula and if not - back to the doctor we go!!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Back in Chile 2 weeks now.......and a car accident!

We are home safe & sound.....daddy is very happy all his girls are home!  They have settled very nicely.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while....trying to get the girls into a routine.......and then 2 weeks after we arrive home myself, my mother & my 2 baby girls were driving to a baby store near home and were in a car accident.  A guy hit the gravel on the side of the road and lost control of his car, hitting us head-on!  Very scary to go through with your babies in the car.  The girls are fine...Thank God!  My biggest fear through it all was them.......I didn't care about wrecking my husband's work vehicle, the cuts & burns on me (just from the seatbelt & airbag), nor trying to deal with police, emergency response attendants in a foreign country in a language I can't speak very was just about my girls.  My husband was called at work with the dreaded call (not from me as he had my cellphone) and raced in fear to us.  After a long day of dealing with police, sitting in emerg and filing accident reports.......we were all cleared to go home and happily put our girls to bed!

Thank God for good baby car seats......which are not used here by most people.  I can't even imagine not using them and it makes me very sad seeing people drive around here holding their infants or letting their 2 year old children STAND on the back seat while they are driving.....Maybe they think they aren't going far so it doesn't matter.......well I hope they never experience what I that was the scariest day of my life!

Anyways, enough about our horrible day and on to life as a family again!!  We are having a blast, every day I wake up so excited to see their little faces.  Daddy dreads leaving to go to work and races home after work to see our evenings go by so quickly!  By the time Daddy is home from work and holds them for a little bit.....we sometimes try to eat dinner (usually in shifts) and then it's bath, bottle, bed........well for some!!!  Our little Rylan takes a while to get to sleep but when she does, she usually only wakes up once during the night for a feeding......Makenna still really enjoys a few snacks during the night!!

On to the photos!!

Some afternoon fun!

 Happy Halloween!! 
Let's have a nap instead of going out........OK my dear, stay home it is!!!!
 I'm tired too!!

Our early morning walk, still in our PJ's!!! 
We have to walk early before it gets too hot outside!

Their hats are too big......they look like hard hats on them!!
But they look so cute in them:)
Well......that has been the good and the not-so-good going on in our lives!!