Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 19:
We had a fantastic trip to Canada and my family was very excited to hear our fantastic news!  We have asked them to not share the news with anyone just yet as we would like to make it to 27 weeks first.

We received our 20 week scan early (at 18wk 4 days) with some 4D photos!  The babies are doing great.........and the best news - the "Small choroid plexus cyst reported earlier is no longer seen."  Yahoo!!

Twin I
Approx. gestational age is 19 weeks 1 day
BPD - 43mm, HC - 162mm, AC - 137mm, FL - 29mm
EFW: 274gms

Twin II
Approx. gestational age is 19 weeks 5 days
BPD - 46mm, HC - 162mm, AC - 149mm, FL - 31mm
EFW: 316gms

Both show normal vetricular system, fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord, UB, stomach bubble!!  Grow Babies Grow!!!!

So.......on to the freaky 4D photos!! I love them but Sandy prefers the regular ultrasound photos!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 16:
Well, we waited until we hit week 16 to start our blog as we have been through a lot of heartache and we are still not in the clear yet!  I would like to thank all you bloggers out there as we have been following all of your blogs - to see how everyone's journey is going, to see all the beautiful babies born and to see who is at the same point as we are!  We have not told our families yet so being a part of everyones blogs has helped us know that we are not alone is this process.  We are planning a trip back to Canada next week and will be surprising my family with our news!  My mother will be so excited ~ we did not want to tell them the news as my mother is dying to be a grandmother and we didn't want her to suffer through our heartache again.

In saying that, we might postpone telling them as our 16 week scan has us worried.

This is the scan that tightened our throats as a "small choroid plexus cyst seen" on Twin II and we are awaiting a detailed USG scan to be done.  Dr. Shivani says usually this is of no significance but they will follow up.  So we are awaiting this report and are hoping to hear that everything is fine.

Twin I - approx gestational age is 17 weeks 2 days
Twin II - approx gestational age is 17 weeks 1 day

The fetal head shows normal ventricular system.  The fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord, UB, stomach bubble show no obvious abnormality.  Grow babies grow!!!

Fingers crossed all is good!

Week 10:
Report shows "The uterus is bulky" and HR - 160; 158 Bpm and CRL measures 33mm, which corresponds to 10 weeks 2 days.

Week 12:
TWIN I - gestational age = 13 weeks 2 days; BPD-21mm; HC 77mm; Nuchal lucency-1.3mm; nasal bone is seen.
TWIN II - gestational age = 13 weeks 2 days; BPD-19mm; HC 79mm; CRL 59mm; Nuchal lucency-1.1mm; Nasal bone is seen.

Week 8:
Our little beanies are growing!!  Every email from SCI is opened without breathing until we read "Dr. Shivani has reviewed the reports & found everything fine with her pregnancy."
Phewwffff..........OK, now wait for the next scan!!!
Twin I - HR - 154 Bpm, CRL = 22mm corresponds to 9 weeks 0 day
Twin II - HR 162 Bpm, CRL = 19mm corresponds to 8 weeks 3 day.

Week 6:
The all important week 6 heartbeat scan!!

We are happy to inform you that two Heartbeats have been seen during her scan.

HR -122; 128 Bpm!!!!

Week 5:
2 pregnancy sac's were seen!!!! 
To start our exciting story at the beginning:
We are a Canadian couple currently living in Chile on work assignments.  We decided to try SCI in India as we had no luck through IVF in Canada.  So we researched different clinics and emailed back & forth with Margarida (who was a huge help!) and decided to go ahead and ship our frozen embryos through Core Cryolab, a great cryo shipping company in Toronto, Canada.  Embies made it to SCI's clinic safe & sound and we decided to use all 5 frozen embies in 2 surrogates.  Dr. Shivani was fantastic with helping us pick our surrogates.......  And the outcome.......... 1 surrogate pregnant!!

We would like to inform you that J's Beta HCG value is 375.19 which is very good.