Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good to be home!!!

We are back in Canada!!!  How great it is to be home, although the girls have their first colds.

So here are the photos from their photoshoot in Chile before we left!!!  We were very surprised they were able to snap 2 where neither of them were crying!!!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Canadian Citizenship!!!!

Yahoo, the girls received their Canadian Citizenship certificates!!!  That was faster than we anticipated, we received them the day the girls turned 7 months!!  So to celebrate, we brought the girls for photos - Chile style :)  I will post those pictures as soon as we receive them!

Poor princess Rylan has a bunch of teeth coming in all at the last 3 weeks she has had 3 teeth appear with 3 more looking close...but she is still our happy little girl!!  Princess Makenna is ALWAYS happy!  She loves talking........even in the middle of the night, she never cries but we can always hear her happily talking very loud.  The twins are still in the same room (they have their own cribs though) and we are seriously considering separating them as it is always a rush to get in to the room so the one awake doesn't wake the other one.....which does happen if you aren't quick!!

So we are on the move....AGAIN!  New employer, new country!!  Our girls should have frequent flyer reward cards with the amount of travelling they have done in 7 months!!

FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY.....the girlies have enough hair for a barrette.....just don't touch it or it will fall out :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

7 months old!

Our little princesses are 7 months old today!  Rylan has 4 teeth now & Makenna has 2 !!!  They love trying new fruits & vegetables......although the first few tries didn't go over well :)

Their baptism was a few weeks ago and everything went extremely well!!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

5 months old!

Our girls are 5 months, how time flies!  Makenna got her 1rst tooth 2 weeks early but thankfully as we hadn't left the house in nearly a month as she would scream when she was put in her carseat or stoller.......tooth appeared & she was back to her happy little self.  Rylan's two bottom teeth are going to show up soon too!

The girls are busy, busy, busy.....they love their jolly jumpers, walkers & bumbo chairs....anything where they are sitting or standing!

We still read all the blogs and are so happy for the couples that are expecting and saddened by the negative results.  We are also saddened to hear about the changes being made in India regarding single & gay couples and hope that this changes.....very unfair :(