Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The twins have arrived!!!

2 GIRLS!!!!!
Twin I 
Makenna Faith
Weight 2.58 kg (5.69 pounds)
Born 7:05am August 28th

Twin II
Rylan Erin
Weight 2.7 kg (5.95 pounds)
Born 7:06am August 28th

Both are doing very well!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 36:

Babies are hanging on strong!!  We have been busy meeting Poonam and visiting the Canadian High Commission before my hubby had to fly back to work for a few weeks.....so I am solo for a while. 
Any day now!!!!  So now we wait until they are ready to greet us...the only problem is every time the telephone rings my heart is pounding in my throat!! ;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

We are in India!!

Wow, what a trip!  We are very happy to be here.  Today is all about relaxing.....we slept all morning/afternoon......well, Sandy did....I finished unpacking and arranging all the babies bottles, diapers, clothes, blankets & everything else we brought for them :)  The service here is great, the hotel we are staying in is attached to 2 malls, with every store and restaurant you can think of!  Sandy spotted the Hard Rock Cafe giant sign when we pulled up to the hotel....so he is happy!!!

We also received the latest update today.  Babies are doing great & our SM is still a complete trooper!

Twin I:
Cephalic presentation (ready to rock & roll)
Weight: 2464 grams (5.4 pounds)

Twin II:
Cephalic presentation (ready to rock & roll)
Weight: 2602 grams (5.7 pounds)

Well our little ones - we are here and ready to meet you!!!!  We are so excited!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 35:

We are on our way to India!!!!

We are sitting in the airport lounge in Santiago.......what a week!!!  I decided to travel with my hubby to Argentina on a work trip the beginning of the week...it was a beautiful drive over the Andes Mountains - we thought it was a 5 and a half hour drive........NO........9 and a half hours plus a 1 hour time change!!  But that was OK, we got to see a lot.  Well, when we were coming home......the road was closed due to bad weather!!  YIKES......not good!  So the vehicle had to stay in Argentina and we flew home as we did not want to miss our flight to India!!

We also didn't get our week 35 update scan today so we are worried....praying everything is OK with our little ones. 

Then to top it off we almost missed this flight......our taxi never showed up after numerous phone calls.....so we had to drive our BRAND new vehicle to the airport to sit....NOT HAPPY......BUT we are here and we ARE getting on that flight.....So time to relax & have a drink!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 34:

Really???  Are we actually getting this close??  We are so excited!  Tickets booked, hotel booked, airport pickup ready.........WE ARE LEAVING IN A WEEK!!!  It doesn't seem real.  Babies are hanging tight, which we couldn't be happier about.  Our SM is doing amazing - no problems at all.......how did we get so lucky?  After all the troubles of trying for years & years.....we just expected problems.  Although we had 1 scare along the way - everything has gone so well....we are just not used to this.  We never wanted to talk about it out of fear or jinxing it!  Every day we are so thankful.

So we have decided to fly at 35 weeks to hopefully be there for the babies arrival!  Although Sandy may have to fly back to work for a week or 2 in the middle of our stay.....he really wants to be there for their birth!  Which means I will be alone in India - but I will not complain as I have been reading many blogs of other couples facing the same issue - just caused by different circumstances!

I need everything planned out......ahead of time......but this process has really flipped everything around, backwards, inside & out and sideways for me........as I have to go with the flow as you cannot plan on the exact date the babies will be born and you cannot plan on exact dates to fly home as the paperwork & DNA testing will take between 3-4 weeks...but could take longer.  So the motto for the week, "Just go with the flow!"  The single most important thing for us is to have 2 healthy babies!!

Happy 34 weeks babies.......we are on our way soon!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 32:

On the baby front ~ no news is good news!  Babies are doing well.  I have been working on booking hotels, confirming flights!  Dr. Shivani and her team have been great - I wanted to make sure my travel dates sounded OK with her....I swear she works 24 hours a day!!  You email her in the evening and she responds right away!

Wow, what a crazy few weeks!!  Enjoying my time with my sister, we have been painting, shopping, eating and more eating!!
I had a baby shower last weekend....it was lovely and I was very surprised of the generousity of all our new friends here in Chile!!
 The Diaper Cake!
The cute cupcakes! 
The kiddies were in to them before they were out of the boxes!!
 The fun games!
Gift opening!!

To top the last 2 weeks off - I received word that I passed my designation!!  Yeah!!!  Years of hard work have FINALLY paid off!!  The sad news for the past 2 weeks is the passing of my very best dog Chilo - he was with us for over 16 years and his time was up!  I took this very hard as he was "my" dog....always by my side, always happy to see me!

I have been granted my 1 year leave off work!  The good news - even in a foreign country I will qualify for maternity pay for 6 months.........The bad news - although granted the leave, no guarantee I will have a job to go back to.......I will take my chances - I want this time off to spend with our babies - so the risk is worth it! 

World-wind few weeks......also celebrated my birthday - and all I wanted was a day to relax, have an afternoon nap and eat toast and cereal for dinner!!! 

Well...off to help my sister to pack up....she is getting ready to head back to Canada!  I'm very grateful she came to visit and help me out!! But I will miss her a lot. :(