Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 19:
We had a fantastic trip to Canada and my family was very excited to hear our fantastic news!  We have asked them to not share the news with anyone just yet as we would like to make it to 27 weeks first.

We received our 20 week scan early (at 18wk 4 days) with some 4D photos!  The babies are doing great.........and the best news - the "Small choroid plexus cyst reported earlier is no longer seen."  Yahoo!!

Twin I
Approx. gestational age is 19 weeks 1 day
BPD - 43mm, HC - 162mm, AC - 137mm, FL - 29mm
EFW: 274gms

Twin II
Approx. gestational age is 19 weeks 5 days
BPD - 46mm, HC - 162mm, AC - 149mm, FL - 31mm
EFW: 316gms

Both show normal vetricular system, fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord, UB, stomach bubble!!  Grow Babies Grow!!!!

So.......on to the freaky 4D photos!! I love them but Sandy prefers the regular ultrasound photos!!

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