Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To start our exciting story at the beginning:
We are a Canadian couple currently living in Chile on work assignments.  We decided to try SCI in India as we had no luck through IVF in Canada.  So we researched different clinics and emailed back & forth with Margarida (who was a huge help!) and decided to go ahead and ship our frozen embryos through Core Cryolab, a great cryo shipping company in Toronto, Canada.  Embies made it to SCI's clinic safe & sound and we decided to use all 5 frozen embies in 2 surrogates.  Dr. Shivani was fantastic with helping us pick our surrogates.......  And the outcome.......... 1 surrogate pregnant!!

We would like to inform you that J's Beta HCG value is 375.19 which is very good.

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