Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 23:

We were so excited to receive our updates today!! Babies are doing good, which makes us so happy!  We have started sharing our news with more family members and everyone is really happy ( a little shocked at first but once it settles in the responses have been great!)  We are thinking about breaking the news to work next week (we both work at the same office).  I wanted to wait until week 27 but we don't think it is fair to give only a few weeks notice that I want a 1 year leave of absence. (We are working in Chile so no "Mat Leave" available for expatriates).  I am planning on being off mid-July so I can start preparing for the twins........and setup our new house.  Everything is starting to fall into place.  Our furniture arrives next week and after 1 week in customs will be delivered.  Next week we are finally getting tv, phone & internet setup (we have been in the house 2 months with nothing).  And I am in the last month of my post-grad program. 

On to the good stuff........we receive 2 great 3D photos of the babies faces!

Twin 1: 596gms (1.3 pounds)
Twin 2: 600gms (1.3 pounds)

Can you see the hand infront of the eye waving "hello"?  :)

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