Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waiting, waiting & more waiting!!

No new photos or updates - but we should have one by the end of next week.  We are so excited to hear about the little ones!!  We celebrate with a bottle of champagne or wine every update we receive - now doesn't that sound weird to hear!!!
We are settling into our new house in Chile although still awaiting our furniture to be shipped via sea container from Canada - that should arrive in 2 1/2 weeks - another LONG wait (can you tell I am the impatient one in the relationship).  It wouldn't bother me so much if we could at least eat supper sitting down!!!  Just kidding - we did buy a couple chairs - but literally not much more than that!!  My sister is planning a trip to visit us and help us unpack & setup.  Thank God!!!  Although we are enjoying living & working in Chile ~ we are very much missing our family & friends.  And then my mom is planning a trip down.  Thank God!  Very much needed as moving to a foreign country, working full-time (while husband travels a lot with his job) finishing a post-grad designation (travelling back & forth to Canada to complete) and learning a new language ~ ALL while anxiously awaiting our little ones ~ is starting to catch up with us.  Oh, and throw a new puppy in there!!  She is a cutie!  (picture below)  --- Well, I guess it all boils down to REALLY trying to keep busy until these babies come...........did I mention I was the impatient one!!

And the stress is starting to kick in about buying twin strollers, beds & bedding and all the other things here in Chile.......what we have seen is very expensive and not a large selection.  I am not ready to start buying these things yet ~ but my thoughts are starting to surround buying some of it in Canada and bringing it back with us.  In saying that, I have only 1 more trip back to Canada before the big trip to India - so plan, plan, plan!  We are new to living here though and I am sure there are plenty of baby stores here.........considering they do have babies here too!!!!

Come on next weeks' updates!! 


  1. Jeepers Creepers guys how have I missed your blog until now? How INSANE are your lives! Another country, Another language, Another job, a new puppy and TWO BABIES on the way!!! Maaaaaaan!! So when is your 'due date'- I Look forward to many more posts to come! XX

  2. Our due date is September 1 (37 weeks). We hope to catch up with you's in India!! We are suspecting we will be there for 4 weeks (from talking to another Canadian couple that have been through this journey!) When is your expected date?