Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week 29:
We received beautiful photos of our SM, Mrs. J!  She is doing great and we are so thrilled!
That is one big & beautiful belly :)

We have been closely following everyone's blogs and we are so happy to hear of all the babies being born, new pregnancies and are heartbroken for the couples that have received sad news.  We are also keeping our fingers crossed for all the couples cycling right now!!!

We are starting to get very anxious!!  We decided to go ahead and book tickets (even knowing we will likely change them) and applied for our visas.  Aahhhh.....the visa debate.  We applied for tourist visas, but have heard a lot of couples applying for medical visas.  We questioned the Indian Embassy about the correct visa and were told we were not physically having medical procedures and therefore should not apply for the medical visa.........I really hope this is OK......So stressful!!

Next week is my last week of work.....Yahoo.....the following week my sister arrives to help paint, buy & setup........although she sprained her ankle yesterday so I think it will be a low key couple weeks just catching up!! :)  It really has been hard being so far away and not getting to see our families often.

Bring on the next updates.......stay put little babies and we can't wait to meet you!!


  1. What a beautiful belly, aren't the belly shots just the best! Enjoy setting up the nursery.

  2. Hooray for 29 weeks!!! What a beautiful picture! Praying for a long and boring 3d trimester!