Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 31:
We received a great update from SCI - the babies and surro are doing very well.  Our biggest surprise was how much weight the little ones put on!  We couldn't be any happier ;)

Twin I  - 3.8 pounds (1,737 grams)
Twin II - 4.2 pounds (1,905 grams)

My sister arrived on Tuesday & we haven't stopped yet!  Just finished painting the nursery - it is coming together nicely!!  Since we are doing so well with knocking items off the "to-do" list ~ I think we will fit in some tourist sightseeing this weekend!!


  1. Wow wow wow! those are some big and healthy babies-- which is super fantastic!!! very close now! x

  2. It is so close now you can almost taste it!! Babies sound big which is just awesome!!

  3. Awesome weights, Congrats on 31weeks.