Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Delhi Day 38:

The girls are almost 1 month old! We got our DNA results today and went straight to the Canadian High Commission to apply for their passports!  Yes......Progress!!!!

Thank God Nona is here helping......we actually had a date night!  We went out for dinner at a new restaurant in the mall "b-bar"......very nice!!  Our plan was to go to the ice bar for a drink after dinner.....we missed the girls too much and were exhausted so we headed home and stopped at the ice bar on a Monday afternoon instead. The ice bar has 30 tonnes of ice that has been imported from Canada to make the carvings......Well, you would think "Canadians" could handle the -10 degree bar temperature........we lasted 15 minutes!!!!

 The girls enjoying an evening by the pool!


  1. Hooray for progress! And so glad you guys are getting a bit of time to yourselves-- enjoy it before you get back to Real. Life. I sure do miss those pool days:)

  2. So glad to hear about the DNA test - yeah!!!!!! Great news!!!

  3. What a gorgeous picture of your girls by the pool. Brings back memories.

  4. It will not be long now, and you will find yourselves home. Wishing you a speedy passport process. When we were there in Nov/ Dec 2011 to pick our twin girls up, it took us a total of 5 weeks before we got home. Your girls are adorable!