Friday, October 12, 2012

Welcome to Canada!!

Day 51:
We received a phone call saying the girls passports were ready......over a week early!! Great the day was full of running around getting ready to leave!

Day 52:
2:25am (technically day 53) we are on our way home!  The girls did very well on both plane rides, but weren't so happy arriving in Canada.  20 hours of travelling had kicked in for all of us!  Here is a picture of Nona with her grand daughters on our way to our layover in Germany. Although it looks like they sleep all the time, that is the only time I had a minute to take photos of them!! 

When we landed in Canada we decided to stop at a hotel and sleep for a couple hours before our long car ride!  Our family was very happy to meet them!



  1. That is great news enjoy settling in to home life!! Girls so cute.

  2. Fantastic news!!! Glad you are all home safe and sound!!!! K,J and Molly xxx

  3. Your visit here was so much fun...come back! XOXO