Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 32:

On the baby front ~ no news is good news!  Babies are doing well.  I have been working on booking hotels, confirming flights!  Dr. Shivani and her team have been great - I wanted to make sure my travel dates sounded OK with her....I swear she works 24 hours a day!!  You email her in the evening and she responds right away!

Wow, what a crazy few weeks!!  Enjoying my time with my sister, we have been painting, shopping, eating and more eating!!
I had a baby shower last was lovely and I was very surprised of the generousity of all our new friends here in Chile!!
 The Diaper Cake!
The cute cupcakes! 
The kiddies were in to them before they were out of the boxes!!
 The fun games!
Gift opening!!

To top the last 2 weeks off - I received word that I passed my designation!!  Yeah!!!  Years of hard work have FINALLY paid off!!  The sad news for the past 2 weeks is the passing of my very best dog Chilo - he was with us for over 16 years and his time was up!  I took this very hard as he was "my" dog....always by my side, always happy to see me!

I have been granted my 1 year leave off work!  The good news - even in a foreign country I will qualify for maternity pay for 6 months.........The bad news - although granted the leave, no guarantee I will have a job to go back to.......I will take my chances - I want this time off to spend with our babies - so the risk is worth it! 

World-wind few weeks......also celebrated my birthday - and all I wanted was a day to relax, have an afternoon nap and eat toast and cereal for dinner!!! to help my sister to pack up....she is getting ready to head back to Canada!  I'm very grateful she came to visit and help me out!! But I will miss her a lot. :(


  1. Congratulations on your designation and 32 weeks, wonderful news all round !!

  2. I'm so glad I was able to come down to help you get ready for the babies! I miss you guys like crazy already :'( have I mentioned how EXCITED I am to be an auntie...times 2?! Yahoohooee! XOXO