Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 35:

We are on our way to India!!!!

We are sitting in the airport lounge in Santiago.......what a week!!!  I decided to travel with my hubby to Argentina on a work trip the beginning of the was a beautiful drive over the Andes Mountains - we thought it was a 5 and a half hour drive........NO........9 and a half hours plus a 1 hour time change!!  But that was OK, we got to see a lot.  Well, when we were coming home......the road was closed due to bad weather!!  YIKES......not good!  So the vehicle had to stay in Argentina and we flew home as we did not want to miss our flight to India!!

We also didn't get our week 35 update scan today so we are worried....praying everything is OK with our little ones. 

Then to top it off we almost missed this flight......our taxi never showed up after numerous phone we had to drive our BRAND new vehicle to the airport to sit....NOT HAPPY......BUT we are here and we ARE getting on that flight.....So time to relax & have a drink!

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  1. So glad I got to see you guys off on your 'Indian Adventure'! You should be on the last leg of your journey now. Skype us when you get a chance. Love you! XOXO