Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 34:

Really???  Are we actually getting this close??  We are so excited!  Tickets booked, hotel booked, airport pickup ready.........WE ARE LEAVING IN A WEEK!!!  It doesn't seem real.  Babies are hanging tight, which we couldn't be happier about.  Our SM is doing amazing - no problems at did we get so lucky?  After all the troubles of trying for years & years.....we just expected problems.  Although we had 1 scare along the way - everything has gone so well....we are just not used to this.  We never wanted to talk about it out of fear or jinxing it!  Every day we are so thankful.

So we have decided to fly at 35 weeks to hopefully be there for the babies arrival!  Although Sandy may have to fly back to work for a week or 2 in the middle of our stay.....he really wants to be there for their birth!  Which means I will be alone in India - but I will not complain as I have been reading many blogs of other couples facing the same issue - just caused by different circumstances!

I need everything planned out......ahead of time......but this process has really flipped everything around, backwards, inside & out and sideways for I have to go with the flow as you cannot plan on the exact date the babies will be born and you cannot plan on exact dates to fly home as the paperwork & DNA testing will take between 3-4 weeks...but could take longer.  So the motto for the week, "Just go with the flow!"  The single most important thing for us is to have 2 healthy babies!!

Happy 34 weeks babies.......we are on our way soon!!


  1. So exciting. WE also went at 35 weeks and I was so glad I did in the end for our girls came just 9 days later. Best to you both.

  2. I'm so very excited! Are you packed yet? :)

  3. 34 Weeks - so exciting.
    It is wonderful to read stories where things go pretty smoothly from the start, keeps hope that others can experience that too !
    Happy, safe travels to you.

  4. Today is the day you leave for India! I can't imagine how excited you are when I'm this giddy! I'm so happy for the two of you...see you soon! XOXO