Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 36:

Babies are hanging on strong!!  We have been busy meeting Poonam and visiting the Canadian High Commission before my hubby had to fly back to work for a few I am solo for a while. 
Any day now!!!!  So now we wait until they are ready to greet us...the only problem is every time the telephone rings my heart is pounding in my throat!! ;)


  1. They just need to sit tight until Mom arrives :)

  2. Good luck for when the time comes! How exciting! xx

  3. Great that you have Poonam to help - she made the process so easy for us!! Looking forward to the announcement of two more Canadians!

    1. She has a really cute picture of Cailyn on her board and said you were a good friend of hers! I will tell her you say Hi!!